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SOLVO Advisory - Solvoadvisory
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 When YOURS depends on THEIRS

Negotiation and mediation

There is no one right way of getting what you want, however, consensual dispute resolution is often the best path to choose. And it is not because the world should be a better place, it is about you being better-off.



Negotiation & Mediation Training

Ending up better-off next time you or your business has something of importance to gain?

Master your skills with us!

SOLVO delivers diversified, high-standard training aimed at making you a better deal-maker and problem-solver. Our workshop is always focused on YOU and adjusted to YOUR needs.


Case at hand advisory

Are you just about to enter into crucial negotiation or mediation process?

Work you case with us! 

SOLVO will help you prepare for the upcoming process and increase your chances of obtaining the result satisfactory to you. Prepare, proceed and succeed with SOLVO.


“It has been my great privilege to know and work with Agnieszka and Jacek over the last three years and would fully recommend them to be trainers in mediation for any audience.”

Richard M. Calkins
Former Dean of the Drake Univeristy Law School
INADR Past-President



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