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About the Programme - Solvoadvisory

About the Programme

Mediation Certification Programme

Still not familiarised with mediation? Wake up, it’s XXI century!

You can experience plenty kinds of reactions to a concept of mediation. Some people are excited and think it is a breakthrough when it comes to a dispute resolution, some are sceptical and consider everyone interested in this field as simply naive. Who is right? – no-one knows!

However, one thing is sure. Mediation is spreading and is becoming a word-wide phenomenon. After a while polish legal society will realise that no matter if they like it or not, a set of skills needed for practising mediation will be required from everyone who wants to be seen as a competent problem solver, ergo a good lawyer, psychologist, manager, entrepreneur.

Being well aware of the circumstances, JU and SOLVO have collaborated together to at least give a chance to people from Poland to experience what true mediation and negotiation training actually means!

MCP is, for many, one in a life time chance to participate in a comprehensive training, conducted solely in English, delivered from uncontested authority figures from all over the World!

Basic MCP Advanced MCP



Should you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact us via email: mediation.certification.cracow@gmail.com or by phone: 695-203-300 / 731-363-646.